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Swartz Foods and a Bio-Lite Stove
Swartz Foods Sausage Gravy & Biscuits and Beef Marinara Over Pasta
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At this year’s Live Free USA Camp Independence, we are blessed to have Heather Swartz in attendance with a presentation on food presentation, to include freeze drying. She is well placed to teach this subject because she happens to be the owner of Swartz Foods (https://swartzfoods.com/) , specializing in providing freeze dried food for the […]

Survival Resources for October 2022
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Every month I come across a bunch of resources and new products that might be of interest to preppers. Starting this month, I am going to gather up a list and publish it here. Do not take anything listed here to be an item I endorse unless I specifically say so. If you have a […]

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I have started to explore Cryptocurrency as a survival tool. Let me say first that I am still skeptical of crypto as a currency and as a real investment, but it seems to be becoming more viable as a means of trade. Because of this and the offer from Coinbase to provide new users with […]

First Look: Inventory Wolf
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I have been looking for a way to manage my equipment & supplies list and I may have found the solution that I have been looking for. The developer of Inventory Wolf, the app in question, got to me through the Ready Magazine Twitter account to point me in its direction. I have to tell […]

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Survival Hacks by Creek Stewart
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Do you have every single survival tool you could possibly need? Me either. It would be nice to reach for the exact thing you needed to improve survivability or make your camp more comfortable, but for most of us, this is just not possible. If you have done any reading on building bug-out bags you […]

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Site Update
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I had planed to record episode 3 of the podcast last week, but time got away from me. I have been working on a bug-out article for the site and some other things. I am also involved in the political process, so the election has been taking up a lot of my attention as well. […]

The Ready Magazine Podcast Episode 2
The Podcast – Episode 2
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Dave Canterbury/Nature Bound Notes The Dave Canterbury book is still in print so here is a link if you are interested in getting a copy of your own. Nature Bound is out of print but you can find used copies on amazon. I have included a link here, but if you don’t find it there, […]

The Ready Magazine Podcast Cover Art
Podcast Episode 1

For more information about the Libertarian Party, check out the website.

Marlin Lever Action Rifle
Ruger Acquires Marlin
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It looks like Sturm, Ruger and Co. is getting back into the lever-action game. Marlin Firearms, part of the Remington portfolio of brands, has been purchased by Ruger. They made an offer for the brand as part of bankruptcy of Remington of $30 Million in cash and Remington accepted. The sale was approved by the […]

Radical Arms RF-15
My experience buying a gun online
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Up until recently I have always bought guns at a gun store, a pawn shop or a big box store that sells guns. For many years most of us have operated under the assumptions from the years after the GCA ’68, that dealers bought from distributors. We then went to the dealer and bought our […]