Panteao Productions: Prepper Education

by Ric Hubbard • July 8, 2021
Panteao Productions Front Page

For years now I have used Linda.com/LinkedIn learning to build and improve my work skills in graphic and website design. And like a lot of us, I don’t have a huge amount of discretionary funds to take classes in important design and developer skills. Similarly, what can be referred to as prepper skills, such as shooting and wilderness survival, are not inexpensive either. Fortunately, there is a solution for these skills.

Let me say from the start, nothing can beat actual training classes with true experts. The instant feedback that you get with hands-on training cannot be under estimated. The second best choice is good quality video instruction, often from the same instructors. YouTube is a good place to start, but in today’s political environment you can no longer count on Google allowing some of this kind of content to continue.

There is another online source for quality video instruction. For about the same cost per month of one of the streaming video services such as NetFlix or Paramount+, you can subscribe to Panteao Productions streaming service.

Panteao has gathered some of the best instructors in the fields they cover and brought their years of experience to the service, all for $9.99 a month. You will find such names as Dave Canterbury, Massad Ayoob and Travis Haley providing in depth instruction in well produced videos.

I keep a large library of books on various subjects, including Canterbury’s Bushcraft series, but it became clear from his video on Shelter, Fire and Water that reading about it is not the same as seeing it. His demonstration of using a bow drill to start of fire made it crystal clear the proper technique in a way that the written word just can’t.

An example of the video pages and one of the titles.

There are a growing number of states that are now allowing permit-less carry of firearms without a requirement for training, including my state of Texas. I am not speaking for or against these laws, but as most gun owners already know, if you carry a deadly weapon you have a responsibility to develop a high level of skill with your weapon when you carry. You are responsible for every bullet that leaves one of your guns.

Following along with the videos will help you to develop important skills for preparedness. For an extra cost you can purchase a digital download or have a DVD shipped to you. If you are able to connect to the net you can stream the videos with the Android or iOS apps. If not, the downloads can be viewed and provide the same instruction.

The more you learn and the wider your set of skills, the better off you are in a survival situation. With a Panteao subscription you have access to instruction in Personal Defense, Medical Skills, Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills, Tactical Weapons, Firearms Care & Repair and Preparing Wild Foods.

Again, no video instruction will take the place of hands on, but when the best instructors in the world are staring in these high production value videos, you will be a step ahead of heading out on the street with a gun and no training what-so-ever.

I will be writing reviews of the videos that I watch in future posts. The ones I have watched so far have been very useful and I feel that the service is well worth the cost.