by Ric Hubbard • December 13, 2021

Ric’s Editors Note –

I will say first, this is not an original post. This article was authored by James C. Jones, the co-founder of Live Free USA. I have been aware of the organization since the ‘80s and I read this article way back then. Recently, I joined the organization and I have become involved in their digital presence. Mr. Jones has given permission to reproduce some of his work here at Ready Magazine.

I was given my choice of what to print and I decided that “We Are Survivalists” was a good choice. I have been trying for a while to define why survivalism if important and why people should not be afraid of someone who calls themself one. Having rediscovered Live Free, I remembered that it has already been said. This is probably the best it has been said and it is still just as important today as the day it was first published.

By James C. Jones

He who fails to prepare for the night, fails to prepare for the dawn

I am a survivalist and by nature a survivalist is an optimist. I do not have a pessimistic bone in my body. If what I just said sounds odd to you then you are not yet a survivalist and you do not understand the modern survivalist at all. It has been very difficult to communicate to the public and the mass communications media, the concept of an optimistic, hopeful survivalist.

A fireman is a fireman, not because he believes everything will burn but because he believes much can be saved. Doctors don’t believe in death, they believe in life, and a survivalist is not a survivalist because he believes that everything will be destroyed and everyone will die, he believes that life and freedom can be saved if people of good-will are prepared. A fireman does not start fires, a doctor does not make diseases and a survivalist does not make disaster. Crime, disease, war, revolution, tyranny, fire, flood, famine and economic upheavals are the results of nature and the nature of man and unfortunately are not always within the power of anyone on this earth to prevent.

We all know that the sun will set each day, leaving us in the darkness and we all know that warm summers give way to cold winters and though we know we can not stop the sun from setting or the cold winds from coming, does this make us pessimistic? I think not! So then, why is the survivalist called a pessimist when he makes ready to face events that are just as much part of history and nature as the sunset or the changing of the seasons.

Another misconception about survivalists is that they are predicting world catastrophes. On the contrary, survivalists are the optimistic minority that is predicting survival and freedom for those who care. It is difficult to find any well recommended historian, economist, political scientist, sociologist or military strategist that will predict that disasters are not inevitable, yet we survivalist dare to be optimistic about the future. We survivalists do not need to predict the probability of disaster anymore than we need to predict the sun setting. Those who criticize survivalists are like men who refuse to look at the calendar, in the hope that through self-imposed ignorance they can keep from aging another year.

Sometimes we are told that “You survivalists will be disappointed if we don’t have a world cataclysm” here is another accusation that is totally ridicules. We survivalist have loved ones that we do not want to see hurt or killed. We survivalist have homes and property we do not want to see lost or destroyed.; We are not so foolish as to think that just because we are survivalists’ disasters would not cause us to experience danger, loss, hunger, injury, cold or even despair and death. We do not want bad things to happen to good people we want good people to be able to survive and stay free when those things do happen.

We spend some time and money to improve our chances for survival and recovery in the event of a disaster, but we would have a great celebration if some day we could be assured that we had wasted our time. No, we will not be disappointed if there are no disaster to survive, anymore than the Red Cross is disappointed when there are no floods or storms or the man who buys fire insurance is disappointed when his house fails to burn down.It may be said that the survivalist would much prefer the pleasant (but unlikely) surprise of being wrong than the rude awakening that the non-survivalist will face if he is wrong and thus unprepared.

So you see that the survivalist cannot lose because his survival preparations will be of value regardless of what the future has in store. In time of crisis, those who have not prepared to turn to each other are much more likely to turn on each other. It is most regrettable indeed that many people still consider survivalists as a threat and regard them with suspicion and even hostility. This attitude is logically indefensible and is rooted in the non-survivalist’s own sense of fear and guilt. Subconsciously, the non-survivalist may hate the survivalist for reminding him of how fragile his lifestyle is.

Now, let’s get the facts turned around right. The most dangerous people in today’s world are the non-survivalists. Every person who has failed to make provisions for surviving without food, water, fuel and other essentials from the outside world is potentially a mortal danger to his neighbors. What will a man do when he and family are cold, hungry, thirsty and sick? He may ask his neighbors for help, but when they have no extra fuel, food, water or medications to give, will he just go back home to die with his wife and children? What do you think he will do?

We survivalists who stock up on food and other supplies do a great service to society because what we now buy is replaced on the shelves, so there will be that much more available in times of crisis. We survivalists won’t be the ones looting and killing for food. We survivalists won’t be a burden on the medical facilities or a danger to the police. We will be able to turn to each other and we will not need to turn on anyone. We will be in a position to help our neighbors and our community without endangering the safety and freedom of our families. Survival preparedness should be regarded as a social obligation, one that every responsible individual owes to his family, community and nation. The nonsurvivalist is simply a poor and irresponsible citizen.

So the reality is, that survivalists are optimistic, self-reliant individuals who cannot help but see the imperative of preparing for the worst events, while at the same time working and hoping for a safer and freer future. Today’s survivalist is an asset to his community and to the world and should be proud to say, “I am a survivalist”

“Everyone’s ancestors were survivalists or you wouldn’t be here”

James’ Editors Note –

We Are Survivalists was first published in Directions a newsletter published by Live Free in the early 1980’s.  It was written in response to the many misrepresentations and misconceptions then being established by the news media.  The article has been reprinted many times in survival/self-reliance publications all-over the world.  This issue has been only slightly edited by the original author to reflect 21st century concerns.  It still serves as one of the best explanations of the philosophy and position of true survivalist and of the Live Free organization that as been its oldest and strongest advocate.

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