Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock

by Ric Hubbard • September 24, 2020

Show Notes

This is my first attempt at making a video for YouTube. It was my first impression of the Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock that I picked up from Woot.com. I did get a chance to sleep in it and I found it to be a well-built, comfortable sleeping arrangement that was easy to set up and take down.

Unfortunately, the mosquito netting dos does not hold up well to a full-sized, 200+ pound adult who hasn’t quite figured out how to use a hammock yet falls through it. I don’t have this hammock anymore, but I would have no problem spending money on another one, I just have to learn how to use it properly.

The Walkabout Rainfly is also worth the money. At $39.99, it is less expensive than a lot of similar tarps and the two together make a great traveling shelter kit. Yukon Outfitters still has the hammock on their website as of September 2020 for $79.99 but it was out of stock. It is on my short list to add to my camping/bug-out bag.