Ruger Acquires Marlin

by Ric Hubbard • October 3, 2020

It looks like Sturm, Ruger and Co. is getting back into the lever-action game. Marlin Firearms, part of the Remington portfolio of brands, has been purchased by Ruger. They made an offer for the brand as part of bankruptcy of Remington of $30 Million in cash and Remington accepted. The sale was approved by the Bankruptcy Court at the end of September 2020.

The value of Marlin and its 150-year legacy was too great of an opportunity for us to pass up,The brand aligns perfectly with ours and the Marlin product portfolio will help us widen our already diverse product offerings.”

Ruger President and CEO Chris Killoy

It is painful to see one of the oldest firearms companies in America in dissolution, but at least the 150 years of Marlin history do not end here. Ruger is a company that has always prided itself on quality and value and that is something that Marlin has reportedly been needing for a while. The rest of Remington’s assets are still in the process of purchase at this time and I will post about them as they pop up.

I think that Ruger will be a good home for Marlin. Matching their lever-guns with Ruger single action revolvers should create a great deal of value for firearms owners in the future. I am curious what Ruger has planed for Marlin’s rimfire lines considering the 10/22 and American rimfire bolt actions that they already make. My very first rifle was a Marlin Model 60 that I got when I was 14 and I would hate to see the model disappear.

In the end, I think that this is a good thing for Ruger and for the firearms community. I look forward to the innovations Ruger can bring to the company.  

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