Survival Hacks by Creek Stewart

by Ric Hubbard • December 4, 2020

Do you have every single survival tool you could possibly need? Me either. It would be nice to reach for the exact thing you needed to improve survivability or make your camp more comfortable, but for most of us, this is just not possible.

If you have done any reading on building bug-out bags you probably know the name Creek Stewart. He is a survival instructor, owner of the Willow Haven Outdoor Survival school and the author of “Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag”. That book helps you to make decisions on equipping a bug-out bag to keep you alive. His book “Survival Hacks” addresses how to deal with not having the perfect tool on hand.

In “Survival Hacks” Stewart has gathered more than 200 ideas to improvise survival tools from common or natural sources. It would be hard to write an “in-depth” review of this book because that is not how it is written. It is simply a collection of ideas on how to use things like soda cans or twist off bottle caps to solve small problems. Not a one of them is over a page long, most half a page. That is the brilliance of this book, it takes the KISS theory to its best conclusion.

Some of the entries are not going to come as a surprise, like the ubiquitous pop can alcohol stove that everyone has written about or filmed a tutorial about, I even have one planned. This is such a simple item that can make a survival situation better.

Some of his ideas are so simple that while you may never have seen a video or read about them, you have probably thought about them, but some of his hacks are works of simple genius that I have never seen pop up anywhere else. The Bottle Cap Pully and the Soda Can Tab Tensioner are just such hacks.

I am not going to go into anymore details because just like a movie review, I don’t want to spoil the fun to be had reading the book. Suffice it to say that “Survival Hacks” is money well spent.

This book is available at Amazon.com.

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