Survival Resources for October 2022

by Ric Hubbard • October 6, 2022

Every month I come across a bunch of resources and new products that might be of interest to preppers. Starting this month, I am going to gather up a list and publish it here. Do not take anything listed here to be an item I endorse unless I specifically say so.

If you have a product or a service that you think should be on one of these lists, drop me a line at editor@readymagazine.com and I will take a look at it.

The Warrior Poet Society Network

Let’s start with a service that I do endorse. The Warrior Poet Society is the brainchild of John Lovell, a retired army ranger and firearms instructor. One of the services that he provides is the Warrior Poet Society Network (WPSN), a streaming service with high quality instruction for those of us interested in firearms.

The service is like Make Ready from Panteao Productions in that it provides quality instructions from qualified instructors, but where I think it excels is in the other subjects it covers. Make Ready has a series of survival and preparations that are worthwhile, including a series of videos by Dave Canterbury that are great. WPSN does it a bit better.

They have been introducing many preparedness related series from the instructors from the Survival Summit, including EJ Snyder from Naked and Afraid. They have series on bugging in, bugging out, land navigation and several other important subjects in addition to shooting, martial arts, and videos from several popular YouTube channels that provide review and 2nd Amendment advocacy.

Membership in WPSN is $9.99 a month and can be found at https://www.watchwpsn.com/.


Maps are an important preparedness tool. Of all the diverse types, topographical maps must be at the top of most must have preparedness tool lists. TopoView, an online service of the United States Geological Survey, is the best source on the net for topographical maps.

TopoView is a searchable database of all maps, going back to the 1880’s in some cases, for all the US. They are available in four formats. The most useful of these is the GEOPDF. These downloads are all free. They are all in the appropriate document size, to scale and in full color.

You should keep in mind that you will have to print the maps yourself and that can get expensive. Most OfficeMax/Office Depot will have the large format printers required and use decent quality paper. You should also investigate waterproofing for your maps.

James Townsend & Son YouTube Channel

We are blessed today with incredible technology. We can communicate around the world in seconds, carry hundreds of books on a tablet the size of a notebook and we can carry more computing power in our pockets then the ones on the first missions to the moon. But what if it all went away?

We have several tools today to keep our tech running. The light of the sun, the movement of the wind, and even the heat of a fire can be harnessed to charge phones, tablets, and other devices. It is a remarkable thing, but there is real value in learning how things were done in earlier years. This is what James Townsend & Son does just this.

The owners of this channel also have a business that specializes in clothing, equipment, and supplies for 17th & 18th century reenactors, and they use the YouTube channel to promote their business. They do this by teaching viewers cooking and building methods from this period. I have learned a lot from the videos and have incorporated some of these skills into my preparedness planning. The videos are also just a plain enjoyable watch. They can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/jastownsendandson

I hope that this first installment of Survival Resources is helpful to my readers. Look for the next list soon.

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