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The Roving Blue Ozo-Pen: The pocket water purifier for the traveler, hiker or prepper

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This is a guest video post from Roving Blue. I have been using one of these pen models for a few months now and I can speak to the value and usefulness of it. It is now part of my EDC bag, just in case I need pure water. I met Yana at Camp Independence […]

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bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Medicine with Joshua Enyart

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One of my favorite YouTube channels is The Gray Bearded Green Beret with Joshua Enyeart. He is a retired US Army Green Beret, military survival instructor and civilian bushcraft and survival instructor. I have learned a lot from watching his videos and I think you will too. He just started a video series on wilderness […]

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"Backpacking Incan Trail - Machu Picchu Peru" by fortherock is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Survival Oxygen for Emergency Medical Preparedness.

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Oxygen is an important medical supply, in fact it is considered medicine by EMT and Emergency Room professionals. James C. “Indiana Jim” Jones of Live Free is an EMT and in this video he discusses why oxygen is import and shows us a solution that anyone can use. Now is the time to join Live […]

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Nuclear War Survival from Live Free

Nuclear War Survival from Live Free USA

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A new video that should be of interest has just been posted to the Live Free USA YouTube channel. With the tension in Eastern Europe since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, nuclear war has become a concern again. This video from Live Free co-founder James C. Jones will improve your understanding of survival skills for […]

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Live Free Meeting

About Live Free USA


I have been talking a bit about Live Free USA lately. It is becoming pretty obvious to me and other preppers that if trends in the economy and social events continue, building Mutual Assistance Groups and more community will be necessary. Live Free is the oldest survival/preparedness organization in the nation that has devoted itself […]

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Celebrity Hypocrisy

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I can accept that opinions that I disagree with are valid, at least to those that hold them. I have for a long time held that nothing more clearly defines what I believe as debating issues with those that disagree with me. I also hold a great deal of respect to those who live up […]

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Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock

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This is my first attempt at making a video for YouTube. It was my first impression of the Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock that I picked up from Woot.com. I did get a chance to sleep in it and I found it to be a well-built, comfortable sleeping arrangement that was easy to set up […]

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