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Radical Arms RF-15

My experience buying a gun online

Ric Hubbard • June 22, 2020

Up until recently I have always bought guns at a gun store, a pawn shop or a big box store that sells guns. For many years most of us have operated under the assumptions from the years after the GCA ’68, that dealers bought from distributors. We then went to the dealer and bought our […]


What is the best political party for preppers?

Ric Hubbard • January 4, 2020

Prepping and survivalism have always been a politically charged subject. It should come a no surprise that the editor of a preparedness website might be a little political. For a long time, I have avoided politics on this blog, but I have spent much of the last two years involved in local politics and I […]

The new Ruger-57

Ruger adds the 5.7×28 to it’s line up.

Ric Hubbard • January 1, 2020

It’s about time! For quite awhile I have been following the 5.7x28mm cartridge introduced in 1991 by FN. While most argue its usefulness as a defensive round for civilian use, my curiosity has been more about its uses for small game hunting and target shooting. I feel like it could be a great pot gun […]

Ruger .22lr LCP 2

Ruger Adds a New Cambering to The LCP Line.

Ric Hubbard • December 31, 2019

Yesterday Ruger announced that they were adding .22 Long Rifle to it’s popular LCP II line of compact pistols. This should be a good addition to a prepper’s firearm collection for low-cost practice and for those that have issues with higher recoil in small guns. While not considered optimal for self-defense, a round that allows […]


The Value of Field Guides

Ric Hubbard • December 29, 2019

“A field guide is a book designed to help the reader identify wildlife (plants or animals) or other objects of natural occurrence (e.g. minerals). It is generally designed to be brought into the ‘field’ or local area where such objects exist to help distinguish between similar objects.[1] Field guides are often designed to help users […]


Firearms Responsibility

Ric Hubbard • June 18, 2018

I would like to start with two points. First, it is the position of Ready Magazine that firearms ownership is an individual, personal right that is protected by the Constitution, not granted. Guns are an important survival tool that everyone should consider and decide on based on their beliefs and needs. Second, I will not […]

Air Force Survival Knife

My first impressions of the Ontario Knife Company model 499, The Air Force Survival Knife.

Ric Hubbard • June 5, 2018

One of the first fixed-blade knives I owned as a kid was an original Air Force Survival knife that was given to me. I was told that it had been carried by a pilot during the Viet Nam war, but I have no real proof of that, so I just took the word for it. […]

Instafire Fire Starter

Fire Starters Reviews Coming Soon

Ric Hubbard • June 4, 2018

I picked up some new fire making supplies to test for addition to my kit. The ability to make a fire can be a life saver, not to mention the morale boosting effect that a well built campfire has on a cold night. The number of different things that you can pick up and make […]


New Site Launch

Ric Hubbard • June 1, 2018

The move is done and Ready Magazine is now live on its new server. Until recently I was hosting on Adobe’s Business Catalyst platform, but they have decided to phase out and close down that service over the next few months. Because of this I decided to get in front of the situation and get […]


The Changes

Ric Hubbard • April 16, 2018

Due to the expected End Of Life of the hosting server I was using for Ready Magazine, I am moving to a new server. Please bear with me while I get these changes made.