by Ric Hubbard • February 5, 2022

I have started to explore Cryptocurrency as a survival tool. Let me say first that I am still skeptical of crypto as a currency and as a real investment, but it seems to be becoming more viable as a means of trade. Because of this and the offer from Coinbase to provide new users with $5 in Bitcoin, the most valuable crypto coin right now, I took a baby step and signed up for Coinbase.

It has been reported that there are 100,000 new millionaires due directly to the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. El Salvador has made Bitcoin an official currency in that country, and it is being accepted as a means of exchange in more and more places. I do not expect to become a millionaire from my very minimal investment, but I am curious how it will work out for me.

Coinbase is the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange currently, February 2022. When you sign up and make a small investment in one of the Tokens that can be traded on the exchange, they will give you $5 in Bitcoin. You are also provided the opportunity for crypto rewards by learning about the purpose and use of various tokens, usually new ones. As of this writing my crypto portfolio is worth $38 off of a $10 investment.

I am new to cryptocurrency investing and I am still trying to gain a better understanding of its uses and value. I will post about results in the future as I get a better understanding of it.

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