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Defensive Pistol 1 at The Range as Austin

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Gun ownership is up and more people than ever before are carrying handguns for self-defense. Additionally, there are now 21 states and growing that have passed Permit-less, or Constitutional, Carry laws. It is the responsibility of everyone that carries to get the best training possible when they strap on a gun. With the Texas Permit-less […]

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Make Ready with Doc Spears: Combat Lifesaver – Review

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First; I am not a medical professional and this review is from the point of view of a civilian learning as much as possible. I took an EMT-Basic course many years ago, but it has been so long that I can’t rely on those skills until I can take the course again. Second, and most […]

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Panteao Productions Front Page

Panteao Productions: Prepper Education

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For years now I have used Linda.com/LinkedIn learning to build and improve my work skills in graphic and website design. And like a lot of us, I don’t have a huge amount of discretionary funds to take classes in important design and developer skills. Similarly, what can be referred to as prepper skills, such as […]

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First Look: Inventory Wolf

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I have been looking for a way to manage my equipment & supplies list and I may have found the solution that I have been looking for. The developer of Inventory Wolf, the app in question, got to me through the Ready Magazine Twitter account to point me in its direction. I have to tell […]

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Survival Hacks by Creek Stewart

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Do you have every single survival tool you could possibly need? Me either. It would be nice to reach for the exact thing you needed to improve survivability or make your camp more comfortable, but for most of us, this is just not possible. If you have done any reading on building bug-out bags you […]

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Site Update

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I had planed to record episode 3 of the podcast last week, but time got away from me. I have been working on a bug-out article for the site and some other things. I am also involved in the political process, so the election has been taking up a lot of my attention as well. […]

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Celebrity Hypocrisy

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I can accept that opinions that I disagree with are valid, at least to those that hold them. I have for a long time held that nothing more clearly defines what I believe as debating issues with those that disagree with me. I also hold a great deal of respect to those who live up […]

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Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock

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This is my first attempt at making a video for YouTube. It was my first impression of the Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock that I picked up from Woot.com. I did get a chance to sleep in it and I found it to be a well-built, comfortable sleeping arrangement that was easy to set up […]

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